Why can’t I have my medical files? Aren’t they mine?

medical recordsThe records that are at your physician’s office or hospital are owned by the medical provider. However, the protected health information contained within the medical records belongs to the patient. The Privacy Rule (CFR 164.524) states the covered entity must permit an individual request or obtain a copy of the protected health information that is maintained in a set of records. The policy that we require is that each individual has to make a request in writing, or on a HIPPA complaint form. The policy is written that we have up to 30 days to get these records out from the day we receive the request.

Why do I have to pay for my records?

When you request your medical records, there is a lot of time and expense that is incurred. First, a staff member reviews your request and determines what is authorized to be released. Then copies are made, counted and sent to be invoiced. Lastly, the records go to the mailing department where they are packaged and processed for mailing.

When do I NOT have to pay for my medical records?

Anytime you are going to a specialty doctor, there is no charge. Example facilities would be KU Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, Cancer Centers, VA Medical Centers, etc. Also, if the records are going from doctor to doctor, there is no charge. We provide one set of medical records at no charge to a retired individual. For this first set, we only provide the most current 2 years of medical records. If the patient requires more than the 2 years, then the standard fee for medical records may be applied.

What law says we can charge for medical records?

The Privacy Rule (CFR 164.502) permits a reasonable fee to be charged. The fee includes the cost of one copy, supplies and labor costs, a per page fee, plus postage.

Why can’t I pick up my records to save on postage?

You Can! You can call and make that arrangement with us. You will need to bring identification, so that we can verify the authorization for the pickup. Records need to be paid for a the time of pick up. We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash and personal checks.