About Quality Copy & Scanning Service, Inc.

Quality Copy & Scanning Service is a service-oriented business that is a supporter of the protection of patient health information. We provide a comprehensive release of information service. Copying medical records is a very time-consuming task, and our service provides the relief you need so that you can focus your attention on other duties. We are experts in Release of Information, with a knowledge base that encompasses state and federal laws governing the release of health information. Every request is professionally reviewed by our highly trained health information professionals.

Quality Copy & Scanning Service StaffQuality Copy & Scanning Service is located in the Topeka, Kansas area and has been in business since 1993. We service multiple clients here in Topeka, now encompassing the surrounding Lawrence, Wamego and Emporia areas. We provide the customer service your patients deserve.

Our services are free to your medical office which reduces your personnel and overhead costs. We provide everything that is needed for production of medical records. There are numerous advantages to utilizing our services compared to other companies. We promise a less than 24 hour turnaround time for any and all requests. Our company is flexible enough to handle stat requests, if your facility needs a request processed ASAP.

In addition, we handle all phone calls in reference to the status of request, freeing your staff to focus their attention on more cost-effective projects. We handle all of our own supplies and everything else needed to process your medical record request. We also now have the capability of saving a patient’s chart information to a CD for easy record handling and transmission.